It's me! :)

  I was born in Irkutsk in 1964 and live in this town nowadays.
  I began to play the guitar when I was 20th years old. I don't remember exactly where my first guitar was made probably in ones stool's factory or smth like this, than I had the guitars from Leningrad's factory named after "Lunacharsky". Francly speaking the quility of these guitars were very poor so it was impossible to play or to learn to play the guitar. My musical skills became better when I bought "Kremone" (Chekhoslovakija). I felt a great wish to play the guitar when I bought the guitar of Moscow guitar skilled craftsman Mr.Akopov. It was seven strings guitar with working size of the string 660 mm. I was the happiest man in the world! I began to learn to play the guitar 24 hours.
  In spite of that all this time I had to do a small repair of different guitars (to glue the support, to seal up small holes, as there was no any guitar skilled craftsman in Irkutsk), I consider my manufacruting of the guitar was spontaneously.
  It was in warm May morning in 1988. When Michail Kulishenko knew that I repair the guitars at home on the kitchen table (we didn't know each other before) he suggested to organize a small cooperation. We spoke thirty minutes and went to see the place for workshop. Michail had a place of land in the center of the town.. There was a house and a shed overcrowded with rubbish. We had another persons who helped us with this work. The whole summer we spent clearing the place and finding the building materials. We chose the most cheapest variant and bought the old house. That time I was working in the municipal military unit as a driver and there was no problem to move the house.
  In the middle of November 1988 two-storied house with the size 6 6 was built on that place. We need to decorate the inside part of the house and spent 8 months to do it. Each member of this cooperative had family except me. I left my work as a driver as I had no need and wish to do it. And the work was started. 5 guitars were manufactured(watch the picture), but everybody wanted to be the "skilled craftsman of his business". Our idea of manufacturing 12 strings guitars was successfully collapsed. In autumn 1989 the first guitars were made of individual manufacture. They were as acoustic (my first guitar was made in November 1989, since that time I manufactured more than 65 guitars) as the copy of famous firm such as Fender, Gibson, Ibanez.
  Can you imagine how many musicians came to our workshop? More than we need! In spite of that the customer came to take the Jazz-bass guitar, he was interested also in manufacturing of the classic-guitar (certainly in curiosity). Most of these reasons it became difficult to work. We were not glad when we met, gathered. So in summer 1992 I decided to change the place of my work and began to work in my old flat also in the center of the town. From that time I work alone. Francly speaking I had to change the place of the work again as my house was cut off.

  P.S. Summer 1994 the workshop in the center of the town was closed. The main reason was the delivery of complete set. We had to deliver from Moscow and Leningrad. That's why the prime cost of electric guitar was very high. A grandiose project of building of minifactory in Irkutsk was collapsed, it buried a lot of non-realized ideas. Nowadays I work as a guitar skilled craftsman in childrens music school.
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